Monday, April 28, 2008


It´s been a while since the last time, I´ve been really busy doing nothing but these last days I have re-taken the SPH project I was doing, and now I can show you the first videos. I still have a lot to do, adjust parameters, improve collisions, make it faster, and some other things but at least it´s working now.
I wrote an exporter for Max to my 3d animation format and I can read it now from the simulator so it´s very easy to load scenes and try different things, I can spend hours just trying stupid things instead of improving the code, that´s definetely not good!! Now, seriously, I´ve been thinking in a new way of simulating fluids with particles that I want to test as soon as I can, is not based in SPH formulas, but I have some few tricks in mind that luckily will turn into a much faster way of simulating liquids. I´ll keep you informed about every step forward I do about that.

I will add more videos and maybe some executables to download as soon as I arrive from Japan at the end of may.

I promise that one day I´ll write a detailed document about how I´m doing this project!! One day...

See you!!

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