Monday, July 7, 2008

New Video and some info


Now the renderer and simulator are both multi-threaded so I can take advantage of my old PC with two 3.0 Ghz processors. Here is a new video and some info about it:

- Particle Count: 65000
- SPH Integrator Type: Leap Frog
- Time Step: Fixed 0.001s
- Simulation Time: 5 hours approx. (yes! I know it´s slow, I´m workin on it!) :O)
- Render Time: average of 30 seconds per frame at 640x480

I´m working on some optimizations for the simulator so I hope I can speed up the simulation soon.

See you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SPH Raytracing video

Hi! As I said in the last post I have written a simple raytracer to display the liquids avoiding the creation of triangle meshes, so I´m only shooting rays to the particles and getting the density at the collision point with the surface of the liquid then compute the normal, a bit of refraction and specular and that´s all. Again I promise a more detailed explanation some day :O)
This video has been generated with 45000 particles.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SPH 90000 particles

This is the last video I´ll post as I have checked the stability of the simulator with 90000 particles. Now I´m going to write a raytracer to display the liquid in a more interesting way, I´ll keep you informed about any advance I make about it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

And... more videos!

After some optimizations I have created another two videos, one with 18000 particles and another one with 38000!! wow! :D

In the next days I will try to make it multi-threaded as now it´s only running with one processor. I have to write collisions with animated objects too. In the near future I´m thinking about writing a simple raytracer to display the liquid as a mesh probably an implicit surface shader or something cause just watching particles is a bit boring :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More SPH Videos


I´m back in Spain now and I want to show you two more videos of my liquid simulator. This tests have 15000 particles. The simulator is still a bit slow, but I´m trying to optimize the speed as much as I can. Well, here they are, hope you like it!

Monday, April 28, 2008


It´s been a while since the last time, I´ve been really busy doing nothing but these last days I have re-taken the SPH project I was doing, and now I can show you the first videos. I still have a lot to do, adjust parameters, improve collisions, make it faster, and some other things but at least it´s working now.
I wrote an exporter for Max to my 3d animation format and I can read it now from the simulator so it´s very easy to load scenes and try different things, I can spend hours just trying stupid things instead of improving the code, that´s definetely not good!! Now, seriously, I´ve been thinking in a new way of simulating fluids with particles that I want to test as soon as I can, is not based in SPH formulas, but I have some few tricks in mind that luckily will turn into a much faster way of simulating liquids. I´ll keep you informed about every step forward I do about that.

I will add more videos and maybe some executables to download as soon as I arrive from Japan at the end of may.

I promise that one day I´ll write a detailed document about how I´m doing this project!! One day...

See you!!