Sunday, January 17, 2010

GPU Raytracer

it's been a long time since the last update, but my neurons were quite busy with Avatar, so programming at home was out of the question. Anyway, I'm back again with something different. Some weeks ago I read that someone had found a nice way to use the famous z->z^n+c formula in 3D to render something like the classic Mandelbrot fractal in three dimensions, you can find more info here: Mandelbulb . So I decided to give it a shot with the gpu and this is what I have, this time with n=8.
Remember that this is not a 3D Texture, or a polygon mesh so it's not the fastest thing in the world, basically for two reasons, my graphic card is not so great and I didn't use a Distance Estimator, so it's pure raymarching and iterating the mandelbrot function every step. Even with that limitations, it runs at interactive rates. I'll work to improve the framerate. Hope you like it!


Diego F. Goberna said...

Long time!! welcome back, it's nice to see that you keep on experimenting and doing cool stuff :)

This mandelbulb it's really nice, very fast! :)

I'm obliged to show you some renders from friend iq

About Avatar.. what did you do in the film? I've heard olga got a job at weta. Congrats!!! :))

Alberto said...

Hola majo!

Es un rato bonito, rollo estructuras coralinas. Sigue en el aire el proyecto de generación de todas las posibles imagenes binarias 32x32 habidas y por haber, no? Esto me parece una mera distracción del proyecto que nos puede convertir en millonarios filántropos excéntricos

Nice! Give me moooreee!

El Tony said...

Hey Alberto!

Por supuesto que la idea del generador de todo sigue en pie. De hecho, todo esto de Avatar es solo una excusa publicitaria para, en cualquier momento lanzar el generador y asi convertirme en el rey del universo. Ya veras!!

PD: A ver si me aceptas la invitacion a facebook que te la envie hace un siglo! :)

El Tony said...

Hey Diego!!

how are you doing? Yep, I try to keep on doing weird things!

I'm glad you like the raytracer!I know it could faster by adding some tricks and a distance estimator, maybe I'll try it. It will probably get to 20/30 fps. It's not that I'm too good, but the graphic cards nowadays are incredibly fast!
Hey, yo know Inigo Quilez? If so, tell him I'm addicted to his website, he really is a genius!
Yes, Olga is working here too :)

What about you? where are you now?

Glad to hear from you!

Albert said...

eh? tony que estas tramando con eso del generador? es flipante, que son fractales?.

need job in weta!! i was make coffee!

Diego F. Goberna said...

Holap! Pues estoy en Santiago de Compostela, en Bren, y haciendo de todo un poco, siempre con proyectitos en curso :)

Sí, conozco a Iñigo desde hace años, aunque hace ya tiempo que no lo veo... desde que lo conozco siempre hizo barbaridades, por delante del resto.. un mostro! Le enlazaré este blog :)

Un saludo apañero! el ultimo video es tremendo!! :OO