Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ionic Render with Houdini

This is one of the scenes I included with Ionic ( get it here: ionic.forumotion.co.uk/ )
I exported the particles to bgeo format and mesh creation and render in Houdini with Mantra. I'd like to change some things in the sim but anyway, it's cool to see it rendered instead of just points :)
Many thanks to Igor Zanic and Srdjan Milosevic for their help with Houdini!
Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

How about rendering it within maya !?
How would that should have been rendered as using mental ray ?

Anonymous said...

looks nice. is the meshing done with marching cubes or something similar? the mesh resolution seems a bit low compared to the particle resolution, espacially the drops on the left at 0:07 look weird and the surface near the air interface.
but the spray and bubbles look awesome! do you mark particles with a high collision velocity and treat them with special forces until they slow down again?

El Tony said...

Hi First Anonymous, I'll post a render scene with Maya Mental Ray if I have the time next weekend.

Hi Second Anonymous, you're right, the resolution is not the best, in fact the amount of particles is quite low in this one, less than 1 million. I'll try to make a higher res example.
The foam, spray and bubbles are automatically generated by Ionic based on some parameters. The underwater ones will be treated as bubbles and will tend to go up the surface.

Anonymous said...

Please post the sample rendered scene (maya mental ray render) as well so that we may test it out shaders and how it was setup.
We are looking forward for your casting spell ;)