Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ionic Beta 0.3 with no expiration date

it's been a while! Some good news and some bad news, first the bad one, I've been really busy at work so I couldn't do too much for Ionic, that's why this version is more or less the same than before with some small new features. Now for the good news, I've decided to keep Ionic free, so no more expiry date. :)

Please remember you have to register to download the plugin, have fun!



Isolated Mind said...

Hi Tony, man this is awesome, really thanks for putting it out there.

I have a question for you, it looks like when we emit into nParticles what is really happening is that the emitter is creating a new particle on a per frame basis and the old one dies. This causes the particle to have no velocity and therefore, no motion blur. My question is, is there a way to access the velocity vector on the .ion file from the particle shape? I am sure thar info gets written out, it would be cool to be able to access it.


Isolated Mind said...

what I am doing to work around this is goaling another particle system to the emitted one to get the velocity

Anonymous said...

yeah, that didnt seem to work either, it seems like the importer is bringing a new particle on each frame so no velocity.... :(

El Tony said...


yep, this nParticles importer is really bad and I should fix it. I highly recommend export to bgeo and render in mantra, but I know a good importer would be great.
I'm sorry I don't have the time to work on it, maybe in the future...

Anonymous said...

thanks for replying

I know how it is, time is the most valuable of all, so for one I forgot to start by saying thanks for sharing this, it is extremely amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, awesome work this looks amazing.
However I cannot get this to work on my system. In the test scenes I push play and particles don't emit. They only show up on the emitter surface and the particle count remains at 0.
I have a amd R9 290 and maya 2013. I have tried reinstalling drivers and ionic. I have seen many people with this problem on the forum but no one has a solution.
Any suggestions to get this working?

Thanks for sharing this amazing work!

Jesus Alberto said...

I cant download it. I logged in and everything and it just takes me to the home site.

Anonymous said...

no place to download :-(