Friday, May 22, 2015

GPU OpenCL Pathtracer


here is the first video of my openCL GPU pathtracer, it's still quite simple, no textures and limited shaders but it's good to see that's working :D

resolution: 1280x800
Triangles: around 410000
GPU: Nvidia GTX 670 (not too good nowadays)

I decided to do that cause I'm interested to see if there's any chance of using raytracing in videogames and vr in the near future. So well, after some tests, I'm not too optimistic, technically is possible, the gpus are getting better and better, but as the resolutions are growing, specially for vr, is more and more difficult to keep up with a good frame rate. But hey, I'll keep on optimizing and we'll see :)

Cheers! (Watch it on fullscreen!)

1 comment:

Erwin said...

If you could have a huge fast render farm and a low latency network connection, you could use it for VR.

It looks nice, is this a hobby project you plan to share, or propriety work owned by your boss?