Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ionic Collisions with Animated Objects

Hi! This is the first test of Maya's OpenCL plugin, Ionic (temp name, if you have a cool idea for a name for the plugin I'd love to hear it!) colliding with animated objects. The number of particles is around 280k , 200 frames and the sim took around 11 minutes. Sorry for the quality of the video, I guess I'll have to get a Vimeo account as the video I uploaded was supposed to be HD... :)


Anonymous said...

nice, the geometry is static? are you using isogrids, particles or direct polygon cillision for the collision object?
have you tried implementing PCISPH?

El Tony said...

Hi Anonymous :)
Not sure what you mean by "static geometry", if you mean if it gets deformation then yes, right now the animated object are limited to animated matrix transforms.
I'm using some kind of frozen particles to handle collisions.
About the PCISPH nope, not yet, it's something that I'd like to give a try as well as XSPH, if I only had time... :)